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Store & Consignment faqs

Q. Does Small Pockets sell new items?

A. We sure do! About 30% of our store is new items from some awesome brands. Come check it out!

Q. I have a few brands not listed on the Consignment Page. Can I call and ask if you will accept them before coming in?

A. Yes. You can call us, stop by or we can email you a full list of the brands we accept.

Q. What brands of furniture and accessories do you accept?

A. We accept most brands of furniture and gear as long as it is in good condition.

Q. The Seasonal Acceptance Guide shows the Spring season from January to April. If I bring Spring clothes in April, will my clothes only be sold for a month?

A. As long as we accept the clothes, they will be given a full 90 days to sell.

Q. How much will I receive for my items?

A. You'll get 40% of the final sale! For more detailed information about our payment policy, check out our Get Paid section.

Q. Do I get paid once you accept my items?

A. Payment for items is only given once the item sales. For more detailed information about our payment policy, check out our Get Paid section.

Q. If I choose donate, where do the items get donated?

A. The items get donated to The Family Place. We have tax receipt slips for anyone who chooses donation.


Q. Are there any discounts for consignors?

A. Yes! The consignors credit is worth $1.10. So, you essentially get a 10% discount when you use your store credit.


Q. When will I receive a check if I consign with you all?

A. We cut checks every 60 days as long as the consignor balance over $20. Otherwise, the funds are always available in store credit.


Q. Do you mail out a list of inventory?

A. We do not mail out a list of inventory, but we can print one at the store any time you want to swing by.

The Tea Room faqs

Q. I see you host birthday parties. Can I host  a party for my little one other than a birthday party?

A. Yes! We have had soccer parties, girl scout troops, kinder classes and more!

Q. How many kids can the tearoom hold?

A. We can seat 18 kids comfortably, but can usually squeeze is 2-4 more if needed.

Q. Do you provide food and drinks at the tea party?

A. Please see the Party Packages for what is included depending on what packages you purchase.

Q. We want to schedule a playdate to get out of this Texas heat. Does the Tea Room have toys to entertain my little one?

A. Yes! We have lots of toys available to play with whether you have a party, a play date or just swing by to shop. There are blocks, trains, big legos and more!

Q. Do you have ideas other than the packages for our party if we choose the DIY option?

A. Yes! Just email us at the and we can help brainstorm some ideas!

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