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The Ultimate Birthday Party Planning Guide for the Dallas Metroplex

Birthday parties can be fun exciting and fun to plan, but can quickly become overwhelming and time consuming! Who do you invite? Where do you go? Do you need a theme? Who can help with decorating? We have all been there and understand your frustrations. You want to plan a memorable event, but don’t have the energy to do the research.

This is where we want to help!

Listed below you’ll find a wide variety of featured businesses and venues to help you get started planning your next dream party! At the very bottom, you’ll also find a small directory of businesses to help you with venues, party rentals, and supplies. Plus, a few helpful archived posts from our own site that might send you off in the right direction!

Small Pockets Team Room

Small Pockets Tea Room offers the perfect place for your next birthday party! For $150 you can rent the Tea Room including the use of all the Tea Sets, Seating for 18 and the Small Pockets Play Room Toys. You can bring in any food and activity you would like as part of you party!


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